Speaking - Women In Business

Accountancy is predominantly a male dominated industry, whilst there are many female accountants the partners and leaders of most accountancy practices are maleWomen make excellent empathetic, thoughtful and innovative leaders and now the world has moved towards more flexible working that better supports work life balance and motherhood for those that choose it, the time has come to address this imbalance. My aim is to inspire women everywhere, in all industries, to stand up and be counted. To push for that promotion, to take the leap to run their own business, to do whatever it takes whilst still prioritising self care and prioritising our families. As a single mum with a multi million pound business and a property portfolio I can tell you how. If you need someone to speak to and inspire any group of female entrepreneurs I would love the opportunity. I also run a very popular workshop in partnership with a financial advisor on women’s wealth, with the aim of educating women to invest their money in pensions, ISAs, property etc. This ensures that we women maintain our financial independence and do not need to rely on partners for financial support now or in retirement.  

The timing can be tailored to specifically suit your event but I would recommend a minimum of 20 minutes to cover the basics.  

This varies based on whether it is an online or an in person event, if in person then the location is of course relevant and also the length of time required for my attendance. Fees typically start at £200 and go up to around £1,000.