Interview Style

I really enjoy this type of panel style speaking session as it really gives me the chance to connect with the audience. It is ideal for any host who would like to direct the chat towards whatever topics he or she knows will be useful to the audience and if the session is live normally the audience gets to ask questions also. Some examples of events include an interview style session at  MBA In A Day, organised by a firm of solicitors, where I was interviewed as part of the panel of expert business advisors on the current economic challenges we are facing, and at the Digital Accountancy Show I was interviewed by the host to explain my experiences and knowledge buying and selling business.  

Joanne Bell - Interview Style

The timing can be tailored to specifically suit your event but I would recommend a minimum of 20 minutes to cover the basics.

This varies based on whether it is an online or an in person event, if in person then the location is of course relevant and also the length of time required for my attendance. Fees typically start at £200 and go up to around £1,000.