Business Growth Speaking

High growth businesses are truly my passion. I love to work with driven entrepreneurs to show them how knowing their numbers is essential to scaling up quickly and sustainably. A key part of this strategy is to develop an accurate dashboard of KPIs that monitor the progress of your business, ensuring it is on track to scale and flagging any issues along the way. Cash is king and my job is to ensure the business owner makes and keeps a lot more of it! This speaking topic is ideal for anyone who would like to inspire their audience to look at growing their business and give them some simple tools to do so.  

Joanne Bell- Business Growth Speaker London

The timing can be tailored to specifically suit your event but I would recommend a minimum of 20 minutes to cover the basics.

This varies based on whether it is an online or an in person event, if in person then the location is of course relevant and also the length of time required for my attendance. Fees typically start at £200 and go up to around £1,000.