Acquisitions Speaking

I have bought and sold businesses in various industries and I love speaking to audiences about how this strategy can really help them grow their businesses quickly. Many business owners have thought about buying a business in the past but maybe wouldn’t know how to go about it, how to find leads, how to raise the finance and how to negotiate a price. I can speak about all this and more from personal experience including the mistakes I made and what to watch out for! I have delivered talks on this specific subject to many audiences and also technical workshops on how to value a business, what due diligence to do and how to structure a deal with your seller.  

Joanne Bell - Business Acquisition Speaker

The timing can be tailored to specifically suit your event but I would recommend a minimum of 20 minutes to cover the basics.

This varies based on whether it is an online or an in person event, if in person then the location is of course relevant and also the length of time required for my attendance. Fees typically start at £200 and go up to around £1,000.