Startup Consulting

As an accountant who has started a number of businesses from scratch and grown them to multi million pound turnover companies, I have a particular passion for mentoring start-ups, I love the enthusiasm that they have for their business ideas and their eagerness to learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur. New business owners tend to have a lot of questions and need a lot of direction, if you would like to work with someone who can answer these questions and also give you practical and hands on advice and support please do get in touch.  

Joanne Bell - Startup Business Consultancy

No, in my capacity as an accountant I have experience assisting business owners at all stages and sizes from start ups to around £7 million of turnover and from a wide variety of industries. If I do not feel I am the right person to assist you or that someone else in my network may be better suited I will let you know before any formal engagement is entered into. My only caveat would be that I do not claim to be a “business coach” so I cannot help you with mindset issues or accountability. My role as a consultant is very practical and hands on, I will give you help and advice to meet your goals with an emphasis on the financial side but it will be down to you to implement the projects we work on together.

This totally depends on whether you require my help on a particular project for example implementing a dashboard of KPIs or on an ongoing basis for example to build and grow profits over a longer period. I have various packages available, but consultations start from as little as £250If you would like to book a discovery call or ask for a bespoke quote for a project please get in touch via contact me.